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About The Megargel Volunteer Fire Dept.

A bit about who we are and what we do.
Since its inception in 1926, Megargel Volunteer Fire Department has been a valuable asset to the town of Megargel. We have consistently been improving our services to the town and to the county and surrounding counties that we provide mutual aid assistance to. As a department we try to strive for the best fire and rescue service that we can provide. This includes constant training on equipment, attending classes for both Wildland and structure fires, rescue classes for auto accidents, and attend EMS classes to obtain state licenses for out of hospital emergency care.

Our fire department solely depends on donations for its operations every year. We try to have as many fund raisers as possible to raise money to keep the station running. Our membership is based on the Volunteerism of the residents of the town of Megargel. There are no paid positions.

We average 84 calls for service every year with the majority of them being for wildfires.

Without the continued support from local residence and local land owners, Megargel Volunteer Fire Department would not be what it is today!

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Megargel VFD History

Some historical info about our local VFD.

On March 19, 1925 the town of Megargel suffered a horrific fire on main street from a barbershop and cleaners building. Not having a water system or a fire department established at this time the business section of the town was left in ashes.

In 1926 there were 14 brick business buildings, 3 lumber yards, 2 oilfield supply leases, 3 hotels, a flour mill, 4 churches, and one $4,800.00 fire truck and a 22 member volunteer fire department with 100 feet of hose and plenty of water. At this time there was a population of 1,200 within the city limits with double that number on surrounding farms, ranches and oilfield camps.

Since that time the Megargel Volunteer Fire Dept. was created it has expanded its inventory, equipment, and training. As of today, the fire department has 3 Engines, 2 Grass Trucks, 1 Water Tender, 1 Command Truck and we are currently constructing a utility truck for supplies on fire scenes.

We currently have 12 Active members on the department which all participate in different roles within the department, whether it be fire fighting, rescue, medical, or support. All of which have been trained or are in training at this time.

The fire department has a response area of approximately 150 square miles with the City of Megargel being the main protection area. We also provide mutual aid for surrounding fire departments to include Archer City, Lake Kickapoo, Olney, Throckmorton, and Baylor County.

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Fire Safety

Some information about local fire safety.
Below you can find a few links to important information about fire safety in our local community.
One of our missions is to help educate the community about the benefits of proper safety practices and identify and eliminate all types of hazardous conditions which pose a threat to life, the environment and property. Fire safety is of critical importance, after all, fires can strike anywhere at any time.

To the right are some links to some fire & safety tips to help ensure that your home and family remain safe, and that you have a quick method of escape from a dangerous fire situation.

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